Request for Registration

The online registration for this event on this platform is closed now.
For registration requests from this point onward please turn to .


Please note that final admission is subject to explicit approval by the Organizer.
GIZ, USAID, DfID reserve the right to admit/not admit a participant for participation due to room restrictions.

Regular participants
Registration is only valid with a second email confirming registration. Only participants with this explicit confirmation by the Organizer may attend the Conference.

Speakers and Poster Presenters
Speakers and poster presenters need to register until 21 July 2019.The conference registration/participation of a Speaker and Poster presenter is automatically confirmed as long as the paper is submitted by 31 July 2019.
No additional confirmation email will be sent and is required to attend the conference.


Conditions of Participation

For the conference both of the following conditions apply:



For questions regarding your request for registration, please contact: