The registration for the conference is closed now!
All available seats are filled.

Conditions of Participation

For the conference both of the following conditions apply:


Registration for admitted speakers and poster presenters

  • One author per submission needs to register as speaker/poster presenter via the submission platform.
    Deadline: no later than 30 June 2017.
  • Please indicate your submission-ID in the registration (see notification email for your Submission-ID).
    Example: 123
  • The conference registration/participation of this speaker/poster presenter is automatically confirmed as long as the paper is submitted by 31 July 2017.
  • Failure to register and to submit the respective paper within the defined deadlines leads to the removal of this contribution from the conference program and/or to the cancellation of the registration.
  • Only one author per paper can register as speaker/poster presenter and is automatically confirmed for participation. Co-authors can register as any other interested participant. These registrations are subject to a confirmation by the conference organizers due to limited space. Confirmations of registration will be issued latest by 7 August 2017.